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Networking In Knoxville

To continue our growth & development, it's vital that we here at Carwash Commando dedicate time and resources to expanding our network. We're on the road often, and earlier this week was no different!

We took our talents to the Volunteer State, with an agenda filled with meetings and appointments at state-of-the-art car wash facilities.

Our most exciting stop of the trip was at Pure Magic Car Wash, located in Knoxville, Tennessee. A big thanks goes out to Jim Rooney and Corey Joslin for allowing us to stop by.

We made this stop to see the cutting edge technology of the car wash industry. The wash begins with a slow moving conveyor belt that allows the wash technicians to provide a quick, efficient cleaning of the interior of vehicles.

Following the interior cleaning, all vehicles are then taken through a touchless, automatic wash to finish out the process. Much like Cheetah Clean Auto Wash, a client in Bowling Green, this wash system is top of the line!

We're ecstatic about the new ideas and innovation we collected and experienced, and we can't wait to bring this to our current and future clients. Our previously mentioned partner, Cheetah Clean, is in the early stages of developing an interior detailing belt, and this obviously will cater to their plans.

The ever-changing world of the car wash industry will continue to see breakthroughs over the upcoming days, months and years. Advancement in the technology world provides an influx of new products and services, and we can't wait to put these to use for our partners and clients!

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