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Southwest Car Wash Association Car Wash Tour

Continuing with the habit of traveling across the globe to connect with the car wash community, members of Car Wash Commando are currently on the road, on the way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to take in the sights, sounds & ideas shared at the Southwest Car Wash Association Car Wash Tour.



This is a great event that we've had marked for quite some time. Baton Rouge is home to a large car wash market, and we're excited to have full access to the many different facilities/methods that are being put into place. As always, we hope this helps us stretch our minds to new ideologies to improve our own products and services.


Our events will include, but not be limited to, open table discussions, discovery sessions, multiple car wash tours, scheduled socialized gatherings and finally, the regional meeting of the car wash association.

Remember, if you have any inquiries for our products or services, feel free to contact us today!

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