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Wheels Up!

Car Wash Commando took flight this past week and took over Detroit, Michigan. We flew 7 CHEETAHS up to DRB training to lock and load the entire gang. We joined forces with elite owners and operators across the nation. Car Wash Commando looks forward to visiting Tyler and Teree Gordon in California in just a few short weeks. There's a BIG surprise brewing for all our Car Wash Commando followers. We also will be flying out to see our boys Quraan and Brian in Durham, NC.

"Q-DOG" and "JDUB" might just have a full album droppin' soon.

Ladies and Gents we're doing BIG things. The hustle NEVER stops. Follow the journey while we continue to make history. Special thanks to Bob, Danny, and Susan with DRB University. The squad gained great VALUE from our time in Detroit. Also CHEETAH Nation wants to thank Tod and Phillip Christopher at Classic Auto Wash for the tour around their beautiful facility.


Listen Closely . . . Friends, Followers, Enemies believe me when I say we're building a MILITIA. We only train KILLERS inside our organization. JOIN OUR FORCES TODAY.

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