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BEAST Brush Special Pricing

The Car Wash Commando crew is in Orlando, Florida this weekend setting up to present and participate at the Southeastern Car Wash Association Expo and Convention. We'll have a variety of our products and services available, including our latest addition to the Car Wash Commando arsenal...the BEAST BRUSH!

Considering it's one of our key, featured products, the BEAST Brush will be available at a discounted rate throughout the course of the event, taking place between July 23rd (Sunday) through July 26th (Wednesday), 2017.

Originally priced at $79.99, the beast brush is a very durable, reliable product that cuts down on major lost time when it comes to prepping vehicles before they hit the wash bay. This product has been shipped both nationally and internationally since it's release, and we're happy to announce a discounted rate of $69.99 for this limited time.

If you just so happen to purchase five or more units, that price line will drop even more, bottoming out at $59.99 a piece. If you find yourself at SECWA this weekend, make sure you stop by and check out all we have to offer, including our BEAST Brush!

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