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BEAST Brush Available on AMAZON

The Beast Brush is changing the car wash industry, allowing for better quality and efficiency, while also saving lots of time when it comes to car wash prepping. In any business, time is money, and saving time equates to more conversations and conversion.

This unique, specialized brush we've created can clean bugs, bird droppings, and worm/grease covered rocker panels with ease...

We introduced the BEAST Brush around a month ago, and with a little patience, we've finally made this product available on AMAZON! That's right, you can now order your BEAST Brush for quick, efficient delivery through amazon. Just follow this link to start the process!

Not only can you order your BEAST Brush, but you can also order your replacement foam heads when needed. We're very excited to see where this product takes us, especially with the quick start out of the gate we've experienced!

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