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Tour of Duty.

Cheetah Nation is on the MOVE. There's no better time than right NOW. Our week started off in Morristown, TN with the good folks at Ultimate Shine Express. We met with David Wild and dropped off our dual action BEAST BRUSH that is flooding the market as we speak. If you haven't got your prep brushes yet, visit the WEBSITE and order your's TODAY.


The excursions didn't stop in Morristown. Our crew made a pit stop in Knoxville, TN to look at one of the premiere Car Washes in the industry. We want to thank the crew at PureMagic CarWash for the complimentary wash and detail. Thanks to Jim Rooney and Corey for the behind the scene look.

Wednesday we spent the day rallying the troops at Wash Me Express. Lot's of good stuff coming your way from these guys. We are excited to be consulting and helping them prepare their infantry as they continue to pound the Car Wash game.

Thursday we hit up our neighbors in Nashville, TN at Shur Brite Auto Wash. We spent some time reminiscing on Car Wash Stories with owners Glenn and William Smith. It's always a fun time to catch up with them. The Smith family has been doing business with the Fields for quite sometime. Their Dad sold my Grandfather the first Car Wash Conveyor in Bowling Green, KY. back in the 1960's.


Soldiers STAY TUNED.The Cheetah Army is on the move. J Warner Ventures. Car Wash Commando. Beast Brush. Cheetah Clean Car Wash.


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