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About Car Wash Commando


Car Wash Commando provides it's clients with the best support the industry can provide.  


We prefer to have close relationship where we are involved with your site on a daily basis.  While providing sales and production training for your associates we also can supply you with equipment, chemical and service.  


The biggest issue for operators today is keeping their sites running in optimal condition.  "The wrench" is what most companies lack as it is difficult with car wash turnover and labor budgets to keep a skilled repair man onsite.  


That's where we come in we partner with you to help achieve the best return on investment while also strengthening your overall operations.  With the discounts on chemical supply and our increased production/sales training our repair and maintenance services become more affordable.  It's a wise investment in today's marketplace with increased competition and volatility.  You will tap our programs and protocols for minimizing risk and maximizing your greatest opportunities within your organization.


We utilize personality profiling tools and open book gaming to increase your staff's production to levels that are unparalleled in the entire industry.


Also with our partners at Awesome Fabricating we bring years of experience and technical know how.  We have designed and built many pieces of equipment that are still in use today in many facilities in the area.  





Meet the Team


Jeff Fields

Commander in Chief


Tony Snodgrass



Geoff Fields



Tim Reilly


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