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Why You Should Choose Car Wash Commandos

With the creation of our service in Kentucky and Tennessee, Car Wash Commando is in full swing, and we’re very excited about this new endeavor.

Here's our history:

Through the years growing up, my father and I worked and operated Tender Touch Auto Wash in Bowling Green, Kentucky. While attending college, I took a position at the Ritz Carlton, which polished my service experience, bringing a new meaning to putting customers first.

I then returned to Kentucky and became manager of Tender Touch on US 31-W Bypass, where Car Wash Commando and Cheetah Clean Auto Wash reside today. When I came back, it was a traditional full-service car wash. After studying industry trends, I convinced my father to convert the site to an express exterior car wash with free vacs. After converting BG's first express exterior express concept I then moved on to the Scottsville RD. location. It was a traditional full serve as well and after our concerted efforts it grossed over 1.4 MM dollars per year. It was a beast to say the least. We aslo created a detail shop in the back that grossed over 30k per month. After all of that I managed the Quick Lube Center as well and became a GM for all 3 auto care facilities.

Then my family decided to sell the business to Regal Car Wash. After that event I built Jeff Fields Auto Care. It was a stand alone detail shop next to Hobby Lobby in Bowling Green. We were proud to do over 20k a month gross which when you are washing them by hand is alot! I then developed 5.43 acres on Westen Drive and was going to build a wash there but another opportunity arose. Dad and I had the opportunity to head towards the Ohio River, opening the first Cheetah Clean Auto Wash in Owensboro, Kentucky in 2007, becoming one of if not Kentucky's busiest car wash, performing over 12,000 car washes a month. We've washed 1,200 cars in a day and regularly wash over 140 cars per hour.

In Owensboro, Jeff and his partner parted ways before the site had fully matured, but was well on its way to a $1 million car wash.

After leaving Owensboro, Jeff then worked with Eric Lowman at Wash Me Express at 510 Donaldson Pike in Nashville, Tennessee. Jeff and Eric worked well together, taking the site from doing 3,000 cars a month to over 10,000 cars a month in less than 18 months.

After the Wash Me Express experience I then purchased the car wash located on US 31W Bypass in Bowling Green, which is now also another Cheetah Clean location!

We also spear headed Wash Me Express Springfield, TN converting the tunnel and POS system to the most advanced Lava Shield, Vacutech, and DRB offerings available today.

Aside from the Cheetah Clean locations, we now offer services in Kentucky and Tennessee. With our ever-growing car wash collection, we’re extremely excited about the launch of Car Wash Commandos! Whether you need supplies to get your wash up and running, or consulting on how to become operational, we now provide those services to ANYONE that may be interested.

Car Wash Commando provides it’s clients with the best support the industry can provide. We prefer to have close relationship where we are involved with your site on a daily basis. While providing sales and production training for your associates we also can supply you with equipment, chemical and service.

The biggest issue for operators today is keeping their sites running in optimal condition. “The wrench” is what most companies lack as it is difficult with car wash turnover and labor budgets to keep a skilled repair man onsite.

That’s where we come in we partner with you to help achieve the best return on investment while also strengthening your overall operations. With the discounts on chemical supply and our increased production/sales training our repair and maintenance services become more affordable.

It’s a wise investment in today’s marketplace with increased competition and volatility. You will tap our programs and protocols for minimizing risk and maximizing your greatest opportunities within your organization.

We utilize personality profiling tools and open book gaming to increase your staff’s production to levels that are unparalleled in the entire industry.

Also with our partners at Awesome Fabricating we bring years of experience and technical know how. We have designed and built many pieces of equipment that are still in use today in many facilities in the area. If you’re interested in our services or have any questions, contact us today!

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