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BEAST Brush Hits Vegas

At the start of April, members of our team here at Car Wash Commando took a trip out west to attend the 2017 International Carwash Association Car Wash Show. Of course we had an agenda to accomplish, that far expanded the normal networking and hand shaking that goes on at these events. We were extremely excited to roll out the BEAST brush to the car wash world.

With the help of Ron, Tony and beast brush gals, we're happy to report we accomplished our goal. Not only did we get a platform to roll out the latest and greatest tool in the car wash industry, Wash Guru even let the man himself Jeff Fields say a few words to all the attendees on stage.

The Beast Brush is changing the car wash industry, allowing for better quality and efficiency, while also saving lots of time when it comes to car wash prepping. In any business, time is money, and saving time equates to more conversations and conversion. This unique, specialized brush we've created can clean bugs, bird droppings, and worm/grease covered rocker panels with ease.

Not only will this create improved timing for our customers operations, but it will result in the wash quality ascending as well. The foam attachment is a non-adhesive that allows us to apply a bit more elbow grease during our wash process, whether its for your standard procedure, or during the application of extreme treatments.

If you're interested in gaining access to this fantastic new product, feel free to contact us today. Save time and money at your operation by linking up with the best in the business...the BEAST Brush!

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