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Car Wash Prepping Got Ya Down!?!

Does car wash prepping have you down?

Then consider retaining Car Wash Commando today! We can help you solve car wash problems with the implementation of our equipment and training techniques. We're happy to announce the latest instrument we've created to add to the CWC arsenal of car wash tools! This unique, specialized brush we've created can clean bugs, bird droppings, and worm/grease covered rocker panels with ease.

You’re looking at our very own two-in-one wash application brush and attached foam head. With the help of our maintenance technicians, we were able to mount our new material on the back side of the brush, thanks to rivets and correctly cut's ALL about the cut!

Not only will this create improved timing for our customers operations, but it will result in the wash quality ascending as well. The foam attachment is a non-adhesive that allows us to apply a bit more elbow grease during our wash process, whether its our standard procedure, or during the application of our extreme treatments.

The foam does not falter when wet, and it holds a surplus amount of water. These features make it a faultless, paint-safe washing instrument for fine finishes. The foam absorbs, then easily releases dirt into our filtration system, rather than rubbing it into the vehicle. And, because there are no synthetic bristles, the foam won’t scratch up surfaces, delicate or not delicate, like clear coats, gel coats, glass, plexiglas or fiberglass.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding our services, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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