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Customer Creation and Retention - Smart Codes

More and more we are looking for ways to attract new customers and retain the ones we already have. Here at Car-Wash Commando we have put in a lot of time and research to keep up with the latest tools to not only capture the newer market but also retain our base. We currently have a client in Bowling Green, Ky that is taking advantage of smart codes and has seen an increase in business even with below average weather for the area.

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash Located in the heart of the Bluegrass state, is looking for just these types of ideals to help drive business.

The use of smart codes has been a game changer for the community in simplifying and making it easier for not only the operator but customer use. We prefer Smart Codes for running early bird specials or other traffic driving measures. Smart Codes will allow operators to comfortably use these items without creating more work for your reconciliation process. You can do more with less risk of internal threats and outside abuses.

See screenshot from DRB

See above link and article from DRB

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Darren Harris

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