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The Car Wash Show 2016

Earlier this month, the Car Wash Commando team attend The Car Wash Show 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. This marks our second major conference over the past few months, the other being The International Car Wash Show in Amsterdam in late 2015.

This networking conference provided a solid foundation to share and exchange ideas with some of the best in the business. Being able to stay hands-on throughout the event was a major plus as well. As a whole, being able to present and display/demonstrate our product(s) lead to many conversations with other innovative minds in the business.

Exploring new ideas on conveyor entrance and exit end trap doors. No maintenance required!

Car Wash Commando founder Jeff Fields, along with associates Tony Snodgrass and Tim Riley, were present at the show and brought back lots of incredible ideas to help move our initiative forward.

Educational sessions were provided to inform the elite car wash community of the latest and greatest services/products in the realm of development. The following is a piece taken from, explaining in more detail what these sessions were like. They included sessions reaching beyond the car wash spectrum, honing in on personal growth and development, which is necessary in order to raise the lid of your business in return:

Attendees at this year’s Show experienced a variety of activities beyond the trade show floor, including the Welcome to Nashville Celebration, a massive block party held on Fifth Avenue with live entertainment provided by country music star Kellie Pickler.

Headlining the 17+ hours of education, retired Navy SEAL Rear Admiral Scott Moore delivered an inspiring keynote address sharing stories of teamwork when quick decisions mean life or death and insights on how to recruit, train and equip teams that will exceed expectations.

“His whole idea of culture and getting ideas from each team member was just awesome. He was very inspiring,” said Tom Hoffman, Sr. of Hoffman Car Wash.

“This whole concept of teamwork is universal within any organization ,” said Clean Sweep Car Wash Owner Ken Littrell. “And it’s the same principles applied that make us successful in the car wash industry.”

This year’s Show featured 70 education sessions curated to help attendees learn new ways to enhance their businesses.

We're happy to inform our customers that we'll be implementing some of these practices in the near future, with plans to add more within the coming months. Just last week, we installed new side washers from PECO at our Cheetah Clean Auto Wash location in Bowling Green, KY! We're already on the move, so contact us today for more information!

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